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The 5 Best Pools in Tulum to Avoid the Sargasso

Each year a natural phenomenon affects the beaches of the Riviera Maya. Although there are daily cleanups, for a short while, you’ll find some sargasso floating in the water and washed up on the beaches. While this seaweed isn’t harmful, it can put a bit of a downer on your beautiful Tulum beach day. However, if you’re looking for a place to soak up some rays and relax in Tulum, there are plenty of stunning pools to choose from. Beachfront pools, jungle oasis pools, luxury hotel pools and even cenote clubs; these are the 5 best pools in Tulum to avoid the sargasso.

The 5 Best Pools in Tulum to Avoid the Sargasso

Bardo Tulum

Tucked away in the jungle, just out of the centre of Tulum, Bardo Tulum is a truly tranquil escape. At this jungle oasis, you can spend the day relaxing by a unique black Chukum pool, surrounded by all the sounds and smells of the lush Mayan jungle. After cooling off, you can also enjoy a meal at their signature restaurant Milum or take advantage of their poolside service.

The 5 Best Pools in Tulum to Avoid the Sargasso


If you still want to enjoy a day at the beach, but don’t want to deal with the sargasso, RosaNegra Beach Club is a great option. This luxe beach club features a pool which wraps around the beautiful Tulum-style lounge areas, the perfect spot to cool off after soaking up the sun. Their daily DJs also make sure that energy stays high, as they play their tropical house sets into the early evening.

The 5 Best Pools in Tulum to Avoid the Sargasso


Possibly the most luxe and high-end beach club in Tulum is Bagatelle. The decor is otherworldly beautiful and the clientele are just as breathtaking. The menus at Bagatelle are based on fresh, seasonal products, so they guarantee a dining experience like no other. This high-end beach club comes complete with a large pool, which is located right in front of the stunning restaurant and DJ area, but with unobstructed views of the beach. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a luxury day at the beach, without having to deal with that pesky seaweed.

The 5 Best Pools in Tulum to Avoid the Sargasso


With one of the largest pools in Tulum, the Radhoo hotel is a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the Hotel Zone. Their entire property is surrounded by nothing but thick jungle, making it a tranquil place to while away the day. Although Radhoo is a hotel, it opens its doors to the public during the day, offering delicious food and incredible WiFi for those looking for a remote work option.

The 5 Best Pools in Tulum to Avoid the Sargasso

Buuts’ HA’

White technically not a pool, this incredible ‘cenote club’ is the perfect place to enjoy a hot Tulum afternoon while avoiding the sargasso. Buuts’ HA’ is unlike any cenote you’ve ever seen. The deep dark water wraps around a central restaurant, and lounge areas and sun beds cover the perimeter. House and techno DJs such as Corcuera, Balmori and Andrea Lardizabal often frequent this cenote club, bringing the party atmosphere to a whole other level.

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