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Mexico Turns to Clean Energy to Fight Climate Change

The Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate met last week to discuss actions Mexico can implement to fight climate change. Both US President Joe Biden and Mexican President López Obrador were invited to discuss the next steps and decided on 10 actionable changes that can be made toward clean energy in Mexico.

Among the 10 “actions”, Biden agreed that 17 United States energy sector companies would invest enough money into the new scheme to generate 1,854 megawatts of solar and wind energy. Although the exact amount of money wasn’t disclosed to the public, Joe Biden has agreed to invest in Mexico, as he believes the movement toward clean energy is extremely important globally and could be mutually beneficial for both countries.

López Obrador plans to have 35% of the country’s energy come from clean and renewable resources by 2024.

Mexico Turns to Clean Energy to Fight Climate Change

What changes will be made?

Stemming from the investment money, López Obrador has stated that mutually beneficial solar parks and energy transmission networks, on Mexico’s border with the United States, will be created. López also has plans to work with Pemex to invest $2 billion to modernise 16 hydroelectric plants, which is set to reduce methane gas emissions by a whopping 98%. There are also plans for an impressive 1,000-megawatt solar farm in Sonora and a reforestation program to plant 1 million hectares of timber and fruit-yielding trees.

What can we expect in the Riviera Maya?

A recent study carried out by the U.S. Department of Energy and NREL stated that “Mexico is ideally positioned to become a clean energy powerhouse given its world-class renewable energy resource potential and the low cost of renewable energy generation.” They also noted that the Yucatan peninsula has the highest potential for solar, wind, geothermal and hydro power in the country. This area of Mexico has:

• 5,561 GW of solar potential.
• 744 GW of wind potential.
• 272 MW potential from conventional geothermal.
The largest hydro resources in Mexico.

In fact, many areas of the Riviera Maya are already utilising the amazing clean energy resources the sun and ocean provide. In Tulum alone, Eco technologies and sustainable projects are at the forefront of development. In many of the new real estate developments, methods such as solar panels, wind generators, rainwater collectors, atmospheric drinking water generators and re-use of grey water are already heavily implemented.

If you’d like to invest in Eco-conscious, clean energy developments in the Riviera Maya, or have any questions about how new developments are utilising this technology, please contact us at The Agency RM today.

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