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Where to celebrate Day of The Dead in Playa del Carmen

Day of The Dead in Mexico

One of the most famous holidays in Mexico is Day of The Dead, which runs from the 1st of November to the 2nd. The time of year where families get together to remember and celebrate the loved ones that they have lost over the years. Day of The Dead is a vibrant, happy and colorful holiday that’s filled with celebrations, delicious traditional foods and costumes. If you’re looking for the best way to celebrate Day of The Dead in Playa del Carmen this year, here are some of the top activities and spots you won’t want to miss.

Day of The Dead in Mexico

Where to see Day of The Dead Altars?
One of the most important aspects of Day of The Dead are the colorful altars that are carefully constructed to showcase the lives of family members that have passed. Photos, flowers, decorations and even foods that the loved ones enjoyed are all places on the altars to represent and honor each person.

Every year, there are vibrant altars constructed in most restaurants along 5th avenue and outside most local homes too. If you take a stroll to the Municipal Square in the center of Playa del Carmen, you will also see some of the more elaborate altars that have been constructed by different local organizations.

Day of The Dead in Mexico

Where to eat the best Pan de Muerto?
One thing you can’t miss during Day of The Dead is the traditional Pan de Muerto (bread of the dead). This delicious holiday treat is a sweet bread that usually has a pleasant hint of orange and a wonderfully soft center. The bread is supposed to be eaten as an offering to the dead, who are said to be “nourished by the essence” of the bread as it is enjoyed by their living relatives.

Every bakery throughout the Riviera Maya will be serving their version of Pan de Muerto throughout the month of October, however, we do have a few favorites. Ah Cacao serves one of the best Pan de Muertos in Playa del Carmen, which pairs perfectly with their traditional Mexican hot chocolate. Chez Celine also serves up a luxuriously buttery Pan de Muerto every year, which you can enjoy with one of their creamy lattes. If you’re looking for a creative twist on the traditional Pan de Muerto, the French bakery Belleville has a wonderful Pan de Muerto croissant that is truly “to die for”.

Day of The Dead in Mexico

Where can I celebrate Day of The Dead?
The biggest Day of The Dead celebration is held at Xcaret each year. Their Festival of Life and Death runs from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November and has a special ticket price of $28 USD for Quintana Roo residents. The Day of The Dead festival includes many exciting workshops and activities, such as the parade of the Catrinas, traditional food stalls, Mayan dances, impressive altars and local handicrafts. If you’re looking to embrace the magic of Day of The Dead in Playa del Carmen, the Festival of Life and Death is something you don’t want to miss.

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