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Starting Price $229,411 USD

AMAN's personality is unique.


This architectural project aims to establish itself as a landmark in the area. Featuring exquisite interior design, AMÁN emphasizes the natural beauty of the surrounding region, utilizing local materials and incorporating elements of the mystic Mayan culture.

The project comprises of ten three-bedroom villas, each with a rooftop pool and pergola.

aman Tulum
aman Tulum

Nestled amidst a lush jungle and caressed by the stunning Caribbean Sea, our Villas coexist in harmony with their surroundings in a sustainable manner.

The balance between raw, natural beauty and the luxury of innovative architecture has been struck, creating an idyllic blend of wilderness and comfort.


· Villas of 2335.77sq ft of construction
· House footprint of 990.28 sq ft
· Height between slabs: 1st level of 45.2sq ft (double height) 2nd level of 34.4sq ft
· Total height: 116.25sq ft
· Electrical equipment (water heater and kitchen)

· Hydraulic installation with well
· Water tank with water treatment plant
· Jacuzzi
· Chukum finishes
· Exterior doors in Tzalam wood

· Carpentry of closets and kitchen in
· Tzalam wood
· Granite deck kitchen
· Parking with 6 unassigned stalls

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