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PRICE: $449,000 USD

Cienfuegos is a boutique development consisting of eight Mediterranean inspired town houses, located in the iconic Aldea Zama. This concept was developed to co-exist with, as well as use Tulum’s native resources and materials. The simple, open architecture of Cien Fuegos will be sure to have you living within the balance, tranquility and connection to the nature which is sought after by everyone who lives in Tulum.

Aldea Zama is the most established, luxury residential neighborhood in Tulum. With what is unanimously considered the most conveniently located master development in the entire city, it is easy to understand why this fully urbanized community is so popular.


Aldea Zama provides the most security and privacy in Tulum, while at the same time giving its residents close proximity to the main downtown area and the famous “Zona Hotlera.” The perfect fusion of luxury living and nature has made Aldea Zama an icon within the community of Tulum.

Since the project’s conception, a primary focus of the design was to incorporate as much of the existing vegitation as possible. Due to this, the development contains pre-existing trees and other naturally occurring features, in order to retain the true essence of Tulum.

Each of our houses allow you to enjoy two private pools, a garden area, a roof deck, and balconies. These features ensure that the owner participates in the unique green spaces that surround the property.

Large windows open spaces to nature, noble materials such as stone and wood anchor us to Mother Earth and their gardens and terraces connect us with the sky.

Cienfuegos Tulum
Cienfuegos Tulum


PRICE: $449,000 USD

Cienfuegos Tuum


·Controlled access
·2 private plunge pools for each unit

·Private garden for each unit

·Parking for each unit

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