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Price $253,900 USD
The first and only Gated community in Tulum which also has access straight to the beach.

We call it the gateway to paradise: the sea view can be enjoyed from any point because of the unobstructed views from the rooms. The construction guidelines were designed to harmonize with the environment.


Social bonds are being strengthened among a vibrant community of people who have been enchanted by Uno Zero Uno Tulum.

Connected through state-of-the-art mobility systems, a unique urban planning model and habitable spaces, in a variety of formats as wide as nature itself.

Balance is important, GRAN TULUM is a space that respects the goodness of our mother earth and connects with nature in an important way, since most of its amenities and finishes are surrounded by jungle. With modern and sustainable architecture GRAN TULUM offers luxury with a tropical aura.

GRAN Tulum
Gran Tulum


Reminiscent of a mayan sacb , those ancient roads and highways that connected the territory under the sempiternal, luminous guide of the stars.

The rhythm that breathes with the essence of an extraordinary place, three levels escalating to weave the fabric of life itself:
The underground, the landscape, and the sky.
Roots, stem, foliage. Water, earth, air.
Uno, Zero, Uno.


· Lobby
· Family and children's pools
· Gym
· Spa

· Children's Club
· Hammock area
· Yoga area
· Organic relaxation bar

· Community Garden
· Interwoven experiences (Amenities One Zero One Tulum)

The Agency Riviera Maya

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