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KÁAHAL Jungle Villa

Price $1,050,000 USD

Káahal Jungle Villa is a luxury villa, designed by the mexican architect julio sánchez navarro, located in the tulum jungle 5 minutes from the beach and its new commercial area.

KÁAHAL Jungle Villa

The main idea of káahal is to create a house that is integrated into nature, generating a connection with the visitor and their environment. The characteristics of the land and the commitment to the environment resulted in a construction footprint of only 22%.

To achieve the objective, materials from the region, large spaces, large windows and the lowest amount of possible artificial barriers were used, resulting in large spaces flooded with life.

Another important factor to demonstrate respect for the environment is the automation of the villa. thanks to this, it is achieved, through technology, to make a more efficient use of energy resources, generating a benefit both for the user and the environment.

Kaahal Tulum
Kaahal Tulum

KÁAHAL Jungle Villa

In a dreamed environment, minutes away from the best beaches in the riviera maya, you can find consciente tulum, surrounded by the ancient jungle. 40 lots wrapped by the magic and power of the native mayans of the region, so that you and yours can enjoy an unparalleled experience of coexistence with nature.

In consciente tulum you will be able to enjoy a unique lifestyle, where the well-being of nature is truly ensured, thus obtaining a personal income from internal connection with the essence of the land in which we live.

Consciente is designed as a sustainable community with low environmental impact, where renewable energy will be used and will be used efficiently. biodigesters, water treatment plants, own collection wells, cells and photovoltaic lights are some of the items that make this development sustainable. as a detail it is worth mentioning that its endemic flora is inventoried and each lot has its own inventory.


· Chef
· Concierge
· Swimm Channel

· Ecotechnologies
· Hydromassage Waterfall
· Outdoor Cinema

· Fire Pit

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KÁAHAL Jungle Villa

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