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1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms Available

Starting price $167,900 USD

Kaly Tulum presents a contemporary architectural development set in a tranquil environment, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the lush green jungle of the enchanting town of Tulum.

Kaly Tulum

The design seamlessly integrates the warm essence of natural elements specific to the Tulum area.

kaly Tulum
kaly Tulum

Its strategic location in close proximity to both the beach and entertainment venues makes Kaly Tulum an unparalleled investment opportunity, offering exceptional potential for increased capital gains. This makes it particularly appealing to tourists seeking accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the beach, making Kaly Tulum a highly attractive option for those desiring both proximity to the shoreline and vibrant entertainment options.


· Meditation Area
· Restaurant
· Coworking

· Lobby
· Game Room
· Laundry
· Elevator

· Roof Top
· Pool
· Jacuzzi

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