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TREEHOUSE STUDIO in La Veleta, Tulum.

TOTAL AREA 498,36 sq/ft
LOCATION: 17 Pte., La Veleta, 77760 Tulum, Q.R.

A symphony of sustainability and luxury, this eco-conscious boutique hotel offers treehouse living at its finest.

Kan is designed for people who are concerned about the quality of the soil, the purity of the food they eat, and the water they drink.


Nestled in Tulum's La Veleta, you'll discover this unique treasure - a collection of only 18 exclusive treehouse units, Azulik-style. These treehouses feature a distinctive organic design and are just minutes away from the beach on the newly opened Kukulcan Avenue. Moreover, this exceptional property is strategically located close to a commercial center, making it even more appealing.

Investing in a project as iconic as this makes sense for both financial and ethical reasons. This remarkable project takes eco-sustainability to an unprecedented level, setting a new precedent in sustainable design and bio-architecture. It's constructed using natural bamboo skin, which keeps internal temperatures down and provides natural insulation. A centralized energy system, powered by solar panels, drives almost all of the project. Additionally, a custom water treatment plant safeguards the aquifers, and 70% of the natural jungle is preserved through the transplantation of mature trees.

Kan Tulum
Kan Tulum

Following the success and beauty of the first phase, Phase 2 of this incredible project has been launched. It features an amphitheater, a new restaurant with treehouse studios, two-bedroom treehouses, and penthouses with pools. This is THE LAST UNIT AVAILABLE. The unit is delivered FULLY FURNISHED & EQUIPPED.

The property is managed like a boutique hotel, providing VIP services for all guests, including airport pick-ups, room service, and full concierge services for booking tickets and personalized tours. This approach maximizes your ROI and average daily rentals if you're considering an investment.

Join this movement to protect the beauty of Tulum and its natural surroundings with like-minded individuals.


· Wine Cellar
· Gym
· State-of-the-art restaurant

· Amphitheater
· Water treatment plant
· Solar energy Farm

· 70% jungle preservation

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