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K´antuun TULUM

Starting at $148,200 USD

We unite the magic and the nature of Tulum with the peace and the comfort that you have been searching for.

K´antuun TULUM

Southeast Mexico offers us wonderful places and experiences from your first step. Among all the incredible places found in the Caribbean Sea coast, there is Tulum, our home. This mythical city is home to incomparable Mayan vestiges as well as beautiful beaches, it’s without doubt, the best place to live.

kantuun Tulum
kantuun Tulum

K´antuun Tulum is like a precious stone, our treasure. In it we have left a part of ourselves, because it has been created with so much love, passion and dedication. It’s a luxurious residential complex in the middle of the Mayan Jungle, made up of 18 units: 11 small and 7 large. Here you can find peace while enjoying amenities like nowhere else.


· Swimming pool
· Grill
· Restaurant
· Junglke Gym
· Yoga

· Hammock
· Trekking
· Lookout
· Jacuzzi
· Commercial zone

· HomeOffice
· Lobby
· Bike area
· Parking

The Agency Riviera Maya

K´antuun TULUM

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