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345.74 M2 - 3,721.48 sqft AVAILABLE

Price: $ 147,975.65 USD

Mondo is a concept that was born after the success in sales of Aldea Zamá, a luxury community that covers 195.7075 Acres. Aldea Zamá, in the last 4 years, has developed in an extraordinary way:

· It has a capacity of 4,000 homes
·185 multi-family lots
·36 residential
·35% -40% construction
·Endemic vegetation
·All underground urbanization services
·Legal certainty
·Unique design of Master Plan in Tulum


Mondo, through a planned development in harmony with nature, sustainability and high-end architecture, becomes an extraordinary investment option for all those developers / investors looking for high returns on investment, a premium location on the Riviera Maya and, in turn, offer a high quality of life.

Naab Tulum
Naab Tulum

Mondo is located within the privileged community of Selvazama, Tulum, an Ultra Mixed Luxury project, located just 655 ft from the luxurious community of Aldea Zama and 985 ft away from the internationally Green School.

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Mondo is located within Selvazama, a 17,609,757.44 ft2 Ultra Mixed Luxury project. Mondo has 28 lots to develop apartments and 13 lots for residential development.

Naab Tulum

Selvazama Amenities:

· Residential area
· Closeness to the privileged
· Hotel zone
· Natural areas

· Green School Tulum (985 ft)
·Open-air auditorium
· Open community
· Bikeway

· Green community
· Commercial parks

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