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Starting Price $278,645 USD
2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Lock Off.

It is a wonderful place, ideal for nature lovers, Tulum immerses you in the Mayan culture and beaches, of a unique beauty, recognized as the best in Mexico and Central America.

Its natural beauty makes it a magical place with a unique experience for the soul and the senses, allowing you to live in a state of awe.


There are places that occupay a material and spiritual place, where the exterior and interior get together and recombined...

Where we open new paths, finding what has been waiting for us since forever, places where we are ourselves.

Nhoa Tulum
Nhoa Tulum

Located in one of the most emblematic hotspots in Tulum.

More than a residential development, NHOA is a community formed by 36 apartments, a place that invites rest and tranquility in an atmosphere where you can appreciate the privacy for which it was designed.

The project was purposely created to have complete harmony with what Tulum represents; nature, quiet, placidity, joy, delight, freedom and calm. An environment that always welcomes and invites you to stay and enjoy living in paradise.


· Gym
· Yoga terrace
· Restaurant
· Pools

· Sun beds
· Lobby
· Gated community
· Bikes

· Elevator
· Security 24/7

The Agency Riviera Maya

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