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Starting Price $245,170 USD

Soul Tulum is inspired by the magic of great artists such as Dalí, Leonora Carrington, Sir Edward James and Picasso, we have designed each environment evoking the soul and depth of their work so that in every corner of the complex you will find that sense of mystical and surreal life.

Within the development you will have the opportunity to expand your reality and get out of the ordinary thanks to the 50 plus spaces that we have designed especially for you. Amongst which you will find the art gallery to stimulate your thoughts, the elevated paths for a new perspective and the spa to let go of tension.

Make your days a work of art and experience Tulum from a new dimension.


If adventure is your thing, you will love the short distance to the most beautiful and emblematic places in Tulum thanks to Avenida Kukulkan which is a premium area located close to downtown, the beach and the archaeological zone.

Distance to the Beach 3 min
Distance to Downtown 5 min
Distance to Archaeological Zone 10 min

Everything in one place, stay within your favorite area and make use of our concierge service for shopping and transfers. Or if you prefer to get everything while walking our commercial area has restaurants, shopping village, boho market and bars.

soul tulum
soul tulum


The development has two delivery phases that will be carried out with complete amenities and finished spaces.
Phase 1 comprises two towers, A & B together with their amenities and phase 2 concludes with towers C & D.
Also have a shopping village that flows in the same way with the surreal style of the complex and has special amenities such as the observatory to delight you with the starry sky at night in Tulum.
Each tower has common areas, available only to residents:
Tower A: Arts & Crafts
Tower B: Wellness & Fitness
Tower C: Business & Learning Lab
Tower D: Leisure & Fun


· Limitless Pools
· Underground Cenote
· Beach Club
· The Temple Spa
· Amphitheatert
· Experimental restaurant
· Speakeasy Bar
· Surreal lobby
· VR Zone
· Mistic Wells
· Art Gallery
· Juice Bar
· Jungle Tumblings
· Mini Golf
· Music Studio

· Shopping Village
· Handcraft Studio
· Waterfalls
· Observatory
· Outdoor Cinema
· Elevated Paths
· Solarium
· Jungle Paddle Board
· Underwater World
· Crossfit Gym
· Boho Market
· Box Ring
· Spinning
· Jungle Maze
· Coffee Lab

· The Votrex
· Pool Bar
· Light Experience
· Art Studio
· Motor Lobby
· Concierge
· Art Walk
· Business Lounge
· Hammocks
· Fire Pits
· Creative Space
· Library
· Snack Bar

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